Our goal is to identify and accept the very best students. All applicants to our programs are expected to have a strong background in the biological and health sciences and show a great interest in the field, be it via research or clinical work.

Applicants must have a DDS/DMD degree or its equivalent from an accredited dental school and some tangible evidence of a long-term interest in the fields of orofacial pain and/or oral medicine. This evidence can come in the form of voluntary observation in a orofacial pain and oral medicine specialty clinic; formal specialized training in the field, papers and publications associated with oral medicine orofacial pain, presentation, lectures or abstracts presented on topics relevant to the field of orofacial pain and oral medicine and testimony from individuals other than the candidate that there is a long-standing and clear-cut interest.

We accept applicants from all over the world. International students are required to have passed the TOEFL.

All applicants, whether graduated from a US or a foreign dental school, must have good conversational and written fluency in English. Evidence for this will come from the submitted materials and from the mandatory face-to-face or go-to-meeting interview we conduct.

For attendance to the summer sessions students must meet the health requirements set forth by the University.

We do strongly factor in our admission criteria life experience, overcoming adversity, persistence, and any extra-curricular activities that add value. These factors are usually identified in the letters of recommendation, personal statements and in the interview.

Evidence of the applicants scholarship ability will come from their transcripts, and letters of recommendation from individuals who directly taught or worked with a candidate when they were a students.

Instructions for applicants can be found in the Apply Now page.